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Jervis Inlet to Desolation Sound -- Canada at its Best
Boating, hiking, and exploring the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

Echo of a Distant Planet

294 Pages -- Paperback Cover

How would a distant intelligence contact earth?

Shawna is an Air Force officer with unearthly remembrances of the future. Trapped in a structured military world, her eerie memories persist for nearly three decades, culminating in a message from the stars. Meanwhile, on a distant planet, alien life is struggling with their attempt to communicate with life on earth. Shawna is their target.

The author of six books in the series "Coastal British Columbia Stories" ventures into an exciting new genre, military aviation science fiction, where the C-130 Hercules is the biggest hero.

For our Canadian readers -- this novel is very American in format. Most scenes are set in the United States, and the U.S. Air Force is featured throughout the book. If you're going to read only one science fiction novel this year, Canadian Readers may prefer our alternate title: Inbound to Earth.