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Jervis Inlet to Desolation Sound -- Canada at its Best
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Powell River Books
Powell River Books is licensed as a sole proprietorship in the United States (Bellingham, Washington) and in Canada (Powell River, British Columbia). The company's first published book, Up the Lake, was co-published by Trafford Publishers and Powell River Books in February 2005.

Powell River Books is dedicated to regional non-fiction accounts of Canadian life in the geographic area of Powell River, British Columbia. In addition, author Wayne J. Lutz publishes science fiction novels through Powell River Books.

Powell River Books is not currently seeking additional manuscripts and is not able to review submitted manuscripts.

Current and Future Publications of Powell River Books

Up the Lake -- Coastal BC Stories

An American discovers Powell River, British Columbia. How this unique coastal town changed his life, and how Powell River learned to live with city-folk. Stories of Powell Lake, boating, ATV exploration, hiking, and Canadian life.


Copyright February 2005

2nd Edition (with Photos) now available

Up the Main -- Coastal BC Stories

This book follows in the footsteps of the original Up the Lake, with increased emphasis on Canadian stories about off-road explorations via ATV and boating on the British Columbia coast. The author's interest in observational astronomy also plays a part in this new publication, as does flying in British Columbia. Non-fiction


Copyright November 2005

2nd Edition (with Photos) now available

Photo CD -- combined volumes of Up the Lake & Up the Main

Slideshows and JPEG individual photos from the making of these two books

Available at Canadian retailers only (not available on-line)

Copyright November 2005

Up the Winter Trail -- Coastal BC Stories

In this book, the emphasis is on winter explorations from Jervis Inlet to Desolation Sound. Snowshoe adventures, hiking, and off-road explorations via ATV. Winter life in coastal BC, focusing on Powell Lake, receives emphasis in this companion volume, third in the series. An ideal book for visitors to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Powell River is 80 miles from Vancouver and Whistler.


Copyright October 2006

Up the Strait -- Coastal BC Stories

In a format similar to Up the Lake, this companion volume highlights boating destinations along the British Columbia coast. Locations along the local chuck and destinations from Howe Sound to Bute Inlet are featured. Life along the BC coast in all seasons is a topic that is covered in depth in this continuation of the series of off-the-grid volumes


Copyright May 2007

Up the Airway -- Flying BC and the Territories

A non-bush pilot's view of locations in British Columbia and the Territories (Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut). Emphasis on the locations and the people (and, of course, on the flying). As an airport manager in the Northwest Territories once told the author: "I've never heard of one of those Piper Arrows. It must be one of those city-folk airplanes."


Copyright March 2008

Farther Up the Lake -- Coastal BC Stories

In the footsteps of the original best seller in this series, Farther Up the Lake features all new stories of float cabin life on Powell Lake.


Copyright July 2008

Echo of a Distant Planet

Shawna is an Air Force officer with memories of the future. What she remembers isn't earthly, and it could change the world. The star of this novel is the C-130 Hercules, with extensive scenes in Panama, California, North Carolina, and Alaska..

Military Aviation Science Fiction

Copyright June 2009

Inbound to Earth

A spacecraft is inbound to our solar system, and there is no communication. If the destination is earth, no one can stop it. Today's technologies are expanded into a near-future story of visitation by an alien spacecraft

Hard Science Fiction
Copyright August 2009

Hard (traditional) Science Fiction

Copyright August 2009

Farther Up the Main -- Coastal BC Stories

In the footsteps of the original best seller in this series, Farther Up the Main features all new stories of all-terrain vehicle adventures in the Powell Lake area.


Copyright August 2010

Farther Up the Strait -- Coastal BC Stories

This book is a follow-up volume to Up the Strait, with increased emphasis on more northerly destinations on the British Columbia coast. Life in coastal BC receives emphasis in the continuation of this series of books.


Copyright July 2011

Cabin Number 5 -- Coastal BC Stories

Building a floating cabin, from the water up. Follow an expert "aqua-engineer," as he tackles his 5th cabin on Powell Lake. It's a demanding, slow process, and keeping construction costs down is a major challenge. Off-the-grid living where the mountains drop into the sea.


Copyright January 2012



Anomaly at Fortune Lake

On a remote lake in Canada, Ashley and Justin seek an off-the-grid lifestyle, while two anomalies merge into one. A distant galaxy exhibits unusual characteristics in Justin's amateur telescope, and something under the lake is stirring.


Hard (traditional) Science Fiction

Copyright July 2012




Off the Grid

Cabins float in a cut-off fjord of British Columbia’s South Coast, where mountains drop into the sea and lifestyles focus on self-reliance and a different sense of purpose. Up the lake and off the grid – Canada at its best.


Copyright August 2012