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Jervis Inlet to Desolation Sound -- Canada at its Best
Boating, hiking, and exploring the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

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Recently Added Chapters -- March 30, 2008

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20 Radio Interview - Up the Airway - CHQB-AM Author Interview - 08:20 (5.2 MB)

19 Under the Microscope - Up the Strait - Microscopic Critters - 09:15 (5.6 MB)

18 Sea Lion Day - Up the Strait - At the Mill Pond - 12:35 (7.1 MB)

17 Unexpected Destinations - Up the Airway - Northern Airports - 10:00 (4.6 MB)

16 Bella Bella - Up the Airway - Campbell Island - 17:40 (8.1 MB)

15 Radio Interview - Up the Winter Trail - CHQB-AM Author Interview - 07:44 (8.2 MB)

14 The Last Tourists - Up the Strait - Von Donop Inlet - 16:00 (9.1 MB)

13 So Near, Yet So Far - Up the Strait - Mitlenatch Island - 09:00 (5.7 MB)

12 Little-Big Storm - Up the Winter Trail - Storm on Powell Lake - 09:20 (5.9 MB)

11 Debris Field - Up the Winter Trail - Winter on the Lake - 13:20 (7.4 MB)

10 Radio Interview - Up the Lake - CHQB-AM First Interview - 11:23 (6.5 MB)

09 A-Branch - Up the Winter Trail - Snowshoes in March - 18:00 (9.6 MB)

08 Canadian Visitor - Vancouver Winter Olympics - 09:26 (5.7 MB)

07 Radio Interview JUMP-FM - Author confronted on-the-air - 16:25 (7.6 MB)

06 Publication Sequence Changes - What happened to Up the Strait? - 07:40 (4.8 MB)

05 Critters - Up the Lake - Bro and Friends - 21:40 (10.0 MB)

04 Radio Interview 1-25-06 - Powell River AM 1280 Interview - 07:15 (3.4 MB)

03 Mud and Guts - Up the Main - Theodosia Valley - 28:40 (13.2 MB - long download)

02 Mount Mahony - Up the Lake - Winter Hiking - 16:52 (9.1 MB)

01 Format and Schedule - Introduction - 02:12 (1.1 MB)

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